Welcome to the first blog post on the new Historiai website. Here, I'll offer a lens into my work at Historiai, and reflections on news and events of note to those of us interested in history. So to begin, here's a comment on an unusual name:

Why "Historiai?"

The name Historiai is derived from the ancient Greek ἱστορία or historia, meaning a narrative of what is learned through research and systemic observation, especially about past events—in other words: what we would now call a history. You'll sometimes see scholars refer to the collective works of Classical historians like Herodotus and Thucydides in plural as historiai, which lends this firm its name.

But my favorite thing about this word—and here I'm reaching back to my days reading the Classics as an undergrad—is that those early histories carried a strong sense of relevance for their present day. It's reaching back to that first, formative notion that reading good history should tell us something useful about ourselves. This is what I most hope to do at Historiai, and it's what I hope for you as you engage with history on your own. Happy reading!